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Facilities Management and Maintenance

National Fiduciary Services (NFS) is full-service Facility Management and Maintenance provider with broad expertise, deep capabilities, and a passion for customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and operational efficiency.

We directly perform services at our client’s locations using our in-house team of over 250 personnel combined with an expansive network of national service providers. Our core services are comprised of integrated facility management, janitorial services, facility engineering, landscape installation and maintenance, facility maintenance, window cleaning and metal restoration, and labor management. Our in-house technical services team can handle any challenge that comes our way, quickly scaling up or down based on your specific portfolio requirements.

Our Integrated Facility Management and maintenance solutions aim to help companies run at maximum efficiency. We leverage leadership and organizational management skills to ensure the success of your business. Our client base consists of multi-tenant office buildings and corporate campus facilities, as well as Medical Office Buildings (professional), Manufacturing, Bio-Pharmaceutical facilities, Education (K-12 and University), Entertainment, Communication, Municipality/Government facilities and Financial institutions.

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Why Work With Us

National Fiduciary Services (NFS) delivers unparalleled quality and reliability across all your locations. We provide world class services that go beyond keeping real estate operations up and running to optimize and drive your business forward. Every client receives a custom-tailored solution designed for their specific facility needs. Our clients have access to:

  • Over 250 In-house Maintenance & Facility Technicians
  • 24/7/365 Service Provider Coverage
  • Our Nationwide Service Partners & Associates Network
  • End-to-End Facility Management & Maintenance Services
  • Proprietary Software that optimizes Work Order Management.

National Fiduciary Services' technicans specializes in every trade imaginable, with specific equipment expertise in Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Bio-Pharmaceutical, and Retail facilities.

Our Core Mission

National Fiduciary Services (NFS) designs solutions to revolutionize and optimize clients’ multisite portfolios by improving service delivery, reducing costs and providing strategic insights – all aimed at lowering total cost of ownership. Our unmatched expertise gives you access to:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Outstanding Customer Service.
  • In-house Service providers with a strong commitment to quality.
  • Vetted Service Providers with exceptional track records.
  • Service and Insights that Optimize Your Operations
  • Proprietary Cost Management System
  • Best-In-Class Facility Management and Maintenance Services

End the tug of war between Time, Quality and Cost with National Fiduciary Services (NFS) as your trusted facility management partner.

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Experience Management Made Simple

If you’re ready to take the headache out of facilities management and facility maintenance and to free up time to focus on what matters most — running your business — schedule a call with one of our amazing team members.